Hi, I'm Simon Smith. I am a Computer Forensics Cyber Investigator, and Certified Expert Witness. I give forensic evidence in court and am a private investigator, ethical hacker and expert in Digital...

Simon Smith (
Computer Forensic Digital Investigator and Cyber Expert Witness

Simon Joseph Smith - aka eVestigator has over 20 years+ experience as a Master Computer Programmer and University lecturer in multiple languages, is certified as a CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), Licensed Private Investigator and Expert Witness, and is a Computer Forensics Expert. He provides cyber-legal investigations and expert reports. He is also an App-Store Developer and trainer of programmers. He has appeared on Channel 7 Channel 9 on Cyber-bullying, Cyber-crime, Cyber-stalking and is expert in Loss Adjustment, Mitigation, High-Tech Crime, IP theft, Packet Sniffing, RFID, WiFi, Hacking, and Social Media abuse. He offers fast and cost effective services and has solved many SCAMS. He specialises in Cyber-Stalking, High-Tech Cyber-Legal, Family, Insurance, Corporate Fraud and Custody cases. He invented a computer patent and trained Barristers and Psychologists in Family Dispute Resolution. He holds several Post-graduate Qualifications from IT, Security, Investigative and Counter-Terrorism tactics & more. He is considered a master in his field, and is Australia's most elite Computer Expert Forensics Investigator & Expert Witness in any Court.

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