Serkan Ozturk
Founder & Media Consultant
0415 360 311

Media / Advocacy / PR for the ordinary person. PR FOR THE PPL is a media & advocacy consultancy with a difference. Founded by Serkan Ozturk (@SerkanTheWriter) PR FOR THE PPL is a media and advocacy consultancy with a difference that focuses on individuals, start-ups and independent and ethical projects. Founded by journalist and media professional, Serkan Ozturk, PR FOR THE PPL was established as a way to bring low-cost media advocacy to the masses. Why should political parties, celebrities, large multinationals and already well-known consumer brand products be the only ones professionally represented in the media? Our low-cost options as well as our extensive contacts and experience within mainstream, community and niche media will be able to assist you whether you simply require a press release, or editing and proofreading all the way to public advocacy, research, PR campaigns and even corporate technical writing, dispute resolutions and robust investigative journalism.

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