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Relaunching as one new brand, SneakQIK.com is aiming to fill the widening gap between brands and discount-seekers

Announcement posted by SneakQIK 05 Aug 2022

Relaunching as one new brand after merging with The Bargain Avenue, SneakQIK.com is set to make discounts and coupons valuable again with a new strategy that solves the costliest pain points of deal-seekers and brands.

With more than 10 years in the coupons/deals industry, and millions in sales for thousands of partner brands and retailers, AdAvenue Media - SneakQIK's parent company - has seen the struggles that brands and shoppers face. Today's busy shoppers are finding it difficult to keep track and be up to date with brand offers. And brands are losing the trust of shoppers and loyalty of their customers owing to the poor user experience of coupons and promotions, leading to wastage of marketing dollars.


“Finding authorised discounts and coupons has never been more difficult than it is now. Today's customers are left disappointed and frustrated when they look for coupon codes online. Typing a Brand + coupon or a variation into a search engine mostly gives results that are all just hokum.“


Majority of online shoppers rely on a search engine for finding promo codes after seeing the coupon box in the checkout while finalising purchases, just immediately before submitting the order. However, the current search engine coupon landscape is plagued by spammy and untrustworthy deals and coupon websites that have learnt to outsmart the bottom-of-the-funnel search system to make money and traffic through non-working offers and attention-seeking discount keywords - 50% OFF, 70% OFF etc. - across the search engine results pages (SERPs) and pay-per-click ads (PPCs). This leaves brands unable to get real value out of their marketing coupons and discounts and leaves bargain shoppers faced with misleading codes that never give the promised discount.


“We don’t have control over many third-party websites, and we can’t fix the search engines and the offers they show. But what we can do is educate and make the brands and shoppers aware of these issues and provide a better platform to run effective discount and coupon campaigns.“


SneakQIK.com with its unique platform is designed to be the one-stop solution for shoppers & brands of all sizes who are interested in authorized and trustworthy deals, making deals and coupons worth the effort again for brands and shoppers.


“We want the good old days of discounts back. Our eventual goal is to get shoppers to start their deal and coupon searches at SneakQIK to find valid discounts instead of relying on a search engine. And for brands - we want to help them leverage their bottom-of-the-funnel discount marketing tactics and increase conversions and incremental sales.”

The SneakQik’s platform has features that addresses these issues.

Personalised Feed and AI Algorithm for matching offers


At SneakQIK, brands take the driver's seat and have full control and ownership of their deals page and offers. This allows brands to build customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty, as well as grow their deals community for long term engagement.


SneakQIK’s AI powered platform and personalised feed for matching offers help deal-seekers follow their favourite brands and keep track of their bona-fide offers in one place. And brands can target shoppers based on their interests and preferences. 


SneakQIK’s basic plan is always free for brands. And for a limited time, even the premium plan is free if brands can provide an exclusive offer for SneakQIK’s members. 

“At the core, we want to help brands and shoppers get the most value out of discounts and coupons. If brands can save on their marketing costs, then we can pave the way to pass on real savings to our members.”

Future plans


The mobile APP is under development and set to launch this year. 


In the future, SneakQIK will evolve into a social shopping platform for deals and coupons, enabling more direct user interactions with brands. And SneakQIK plans to automate some work flows too.


SneakQIK wants to build a large, comprehensive database of brands and retailers - small to big, but more focussed on online brands at the moment. There are also plans to involve local brands and physical stores in the future.


Although SneakQIK is currently live in Australia, expansion plans are underway for the Indian market and other markets will follow.

"We want to make SneakQIK the last coupon site you'll ever need."



About AdAvenue Media


ADavenue Media Pty Ltd is an Australian digital coupons and deals marketing company. Since 2008, it has driven over $300 million in e-commerce sales revenue and over 1.5 million conversions for thousands of partnered brands through performance and partnership marketing. AdAvenue's websites and deals have been featured across various news, TV and media publications such as Channel 7, Yahoo, News.com.au, Money Magazine, Daily Telegraph, LifeHacker, Triple M, Power Retail, CEO Magazine, Smart Company, Inside Small Business, Anthill and more. AdAvenue Media was a finalist for the best publisher in Rakuten Marketing's Golden Link Awards 2017.


About SneakQIK


SneakQIK (pronounced as Sneak Quick) is a personalised offers feed. It's the easiest way to follow and sneak into brands, to keep track of their hottest deals, coupons, special offers and sales in one place. SneakQIK is the latest product offering from AdAvenue Media Pty Ltd.


About The Bargain Avenue


Bargain Avenue was a no.1 digital coupons site in Australia for many years running that helped save millions of dollars for shoppers through the coupon codes and exclusive offers for leading Australian and global brands such as Woolworths, Coles, Catch, Cotton On, Microsoft, ASOS, Menulog, Bing Lee, Lenovo, GHD, Groupon, Microsoft, Boohoo, Wayfair, Topman and Hotels.com to name a few.


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