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New app connects property buyers with hidden properties for sale

Announcement posted by Writers Who 13 May 2022

New app lets buyers access off-market real estate: Profound is opening the once locked door to the vast off-market property pool

Profound app stops home buyers from missing out

Launched in Sydney this month, Profound is a marketplace for off-market properties where buyers can see real estate on offer and, in one click, contact the agent to organise a private inspection or find out more about the listing. 

“Acquiring an off-market property without Profound requires buyers to know the right agent or to engage a buyer's agent who knows the right agent in order to be made aware of off-market properties that might suit them,” co-founder Richard Cohen said.

“It’s enormously frustrating for buyers when they see a sticker that says ‘sold off market’ on a property they would have liked to have purchased.”

“Profound is here to stop buyer's missing out.”

The proportion of homes being sold off-market is growing as many sellers want to test the market before they invest in advertising costs. Other sellers are reluctant to have hordes of people tramping around their home; and some simply don’t want colleagues, neighbours and peers knowing about their intention to sell.

An off-market listing is one that isn’t marketed publicly. It has no “for sale” sign out the front, no advertisements online or in the paper, has no promoted public inspections, and while the seller has greater privacy around their intention to sell and most buyers don’t know about it being on the market. It is estimated that around 360,000 properties are available each year in Australia via the off market method. 

Designed by property investors and agents, Profound preserves the seller’s anonymity and does not disclose the property address, showing only features and facts, the floorplan, and a general location without revealing the property.

“Through Profound, buyers are no longer limited to the pool of off-market properties their buyer’s agent or local real estate agent are aware of.”

Profound has launched in Sydney this month and will gradually be rolled out across Australia focussing on metropolitan areas before expanding into holiday home destinations and hot regional markets. 

Prospective home buyers in Sydney can download Profound on Apple’s app store or  Google Play Store.


Media contact: Richard Cohen | Founder at Profound | 0425 260 540 | richard@profound.homes

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