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Ahern leads new STEM publication

Kylie Ahern takes charge at The Brilliant.

Catching up with David Hague on the Australian Videocamera journey

Hague fills us in on the hybrid approach he’s taken to running a website and digital magazine.

Stock assumes Weekend Herald-Sun editor spot

Dan stock is now editing weekends for the Herald-Sun.

Marchant introduces SME PR system

Haylie Marchant is lending PR support to SMEs.

Team Red dissolved

WPP AUNZ agency Team Red is disbanded.

Kitchin opens new publishing firm

Sido Kitchin has opened a new company.

In praise of sub-editors

There aren’t many left out there, but if you’ve had the pleasure of working with a sub you know the value they bring.

The Mint Partners earns new accounts

The Mint Partners lands new accounts to work on.

OPR scores DocuSign account

OPR is taking on representation for DocuSign.

Pezeshki joins Chattr

Ariana Pezeshki is sub-editing for the Chattr content platform.

5 minutes with Alex Walker

The Kotaku Australia Editor delivers this week’s Q&A of insights and oddities.
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Nine shuts down Map and Page

The Map and Page PR agency is off on a new journey.