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Australian Education Firm Pioneering in Student Recruitment and English Tests Expands in Asia

Announcement posted by kuksha 09 Jul 2024

Empowering Asian students with global opportunities, Kuksha is receiving huge student and institutional demand from Asia especially from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, China and Thailand.



MELBOURNE, Australia - July 09, 2024 -- Kuksha, a trailblazer in the education sector, is excited to announce the expansion of its international student recruitment and English test preparation services in Asia. This significant growth underscores Kuksha's commitment to fostering educational excellence and supporting international students in achieving their academic goals.

Leading International Student Recruitment
Kuksha specialises in connecting ambitious international students with top-tier educational institutions in Melbourne and across Australia. Our bespoke recruitment solutions ensure that students find the perfect academic environment to thrive and succeed.

"Our goal at Kuksha is to facilitate a seamless transition for international students seeking high-quality education in Australia. By understanding each student's unique needs and aspirations, we help them secure placements at institutions that best align with their goals," said Linzhi Sun, Head of Partnerships, Kuksha.

Premier English Test Preparation Services
In addition to our recruitment services, Kuksha offers comprehensive English test preparation programs tailored to help students excel in their English exams. These programs are meticulously designed by experienced educators to address the specific challenges faced by non-native English speakers.

"Success in English proficiency tests is crucial for international students, and our specialised courses are designed to build confidence and competence. We focus on individual strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring our students achieve their desired scores," added Linzhi Sun, Head of Partnerships at Kuksha.

Why Choose Kuksha?

  1. Tailored Recruitment Solutions: Customised recruitment strategies ensuring the best match between students and educational institutions.
  2. Expert-Led Test Preparation: Courses developed and delivered by experienced language educators.
  3. Proven Success: A strong track record of successful student placements and high test scores.
  4. Holistic Support: Continuous guidance and support for students from the initial consultation through to their academic journey in Australia.