City of Sydney hiring marcomms manager

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The City of Sydney local government is opening doors for a new marketing communications manager.

The marcomms manager is in charge of the city administration’s content marketing efforts, providing daily employee updates and organizational priorities. The content will be published over the staff intranet and be part of email campaigns and digital city screens.

The ideal candidate should be a PR/communications/marketing professional with extensive records in an agency or in-house environment. They must be capable of planning and executing action plans to deliver results within tight deadlines, and can liaise with multiple stakeholders and media. The application package should include a CV and a preemployment health declaration.

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ARN hiring for brand and promo director

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 10/22/2021 08:10 PM

Radio conglomerate ARN is searching for a brand and promo director to be based in Sydney.

The person will be in charge of the ARN Sydney brand and promotions team, overseeing campaigns for local stations KIIS1065, WSFM, and THE EDGE. They will also maintain and develop relations with the stations’ content teams and industry stakeholders, while ensuring all activities comply with industry standards.

The ideal candidate should have at least five years’ promotions experience for a media company, either radio, TV, or digital media, including one year in management positions. The record must include proven skills in campaign development, execution, and accounting, conflict resolution, and mentoring.

The application packet should comprise a CV and cover letter.

The Australian hiring for home page editor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Metro masthead The Australian has an opening for a home page editor, based in Sydney.

The person will be in charge of the paper’s Business homepage. The tasks will include placement of incoming content from the Australian Business Network on the site, building the accompanying video materials, and distribute the content across specific channels. They may even be tasked to produce some of the business/finance content themselves.

The ideal candidate should be a journalist/content creator with a proven record of developing accurate and authoritative business articles. They should be capable of website placement, headline writing, operating the METHODE system, and have run corporate social media channels. Availability on seven-day weeks including 5AM calltimes is highly recommended.

NextMedia to hire deputy editor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Nextmedia Pty Ltd is recruiting for a new deputy editor on the commercial editorial team. The role will be part-time.

The deputy editor will oversee editing and recording business content pieces, and may write some of them as needed. They will also liaise with other editorial staff in planning content direction.

The ideal candidate must be a journalist with detailed experience on editing tech-related business content for enterprise audiences, and can work within a team environment and close deadlines. Skills in processing paid commercial material may be considered.

NOVA hiring for senior digital content producer

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Applications close: 10/15/2021 08:10 PM

NOVA Entertainment is recruiting for a senior digital content producer, based in Sydney.

The person will be the production lead for video and digital material to appear mostly on the Fitzy and Wippa show, plus other NOVA programs. The workload will include collaboration with the digital content director in drafting ideas for new show angles and stories, balancing the composition of social, editorial and video content across NOVA shows, promotions, and stations, and to mentor junior personnel.

The ideal candidate must be a content creator with over five years’ experience in a digital media organisation. Required skillsets include vlogging and podcasts with professional audio/video equipment, web CMS operations, high proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop, and can operate analytics platforms.

The application packet must include a CV, cover letter, showreel, and sample videos that showcase informative material that are also attuned to NOVA Entertainment core values.

Deputy Editor needed for NT News

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

News Corp Australia regional title the NT News is recruiting for a new deputy editor to be based in Darwin, NT.

The person will be in charge of managing new reader content and distributing them across print and digital platforms. They will also help delegate coverage duties to the paper’s newsroom team and continuously monitor and coach them for better improvement.

The ideal candidate should be a journalist with detailed experience in field reports and newsroom management. They must be capable of processing clear copy within close deadlines and have extensive knowledge of various topics, including familiarity with the southeast Queensland political scene.