Northern Star hiring for journalists

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News Corp Australia NSW regional newspaper The Northern Star is recruiting for two new journalists to be based in Lismore, NSW.

The persons will be assigned to cover the developments in the NSW North Coast, exploring unique angles to the story along the way. They will also use the opportunity to build up a network of contacts for leads, study content analytics, and participate in editorial meetings.

The ideal candidates must be journalists with a strong record in community news coverage, including digital content production within tight deadlines, in-depth interviews, and fostering local relationships. They must also be trained in digital marketing methods such as data analytics, social media, and SEO.

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ATN hiring for traffic reporter

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Applications close: 11/12/2021 08:11 PM

The Australian Traffic Network (ATN) is opening a full-time traffic reporter position, based out of Essendon, Melbourne.

The traffic reporter will be assigned to cover the Melbourne roads from 5AM to 9AM and from 3PM to 7PM. The work will require live TV and radio reports from the ATN chopper.

The ideal candidate must have at least two years’ live broadcast experience and are skilled in high-level audio recording and editing. They should be highly attentive to details and have strong knowledge of Melbourne’s highway and road network. The application packet should comprise a CV detailing relevant experience and a 30-second traffic demo.

GOLD 104.3 to recruit video producer

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Applications close: 10/22/2021 08:10 PM

ARN is hiring a video producer for Melbourne station GOLD 104.3 FM.

The producer is primarily assigned to The Christian O’Connell Show, developing new videos about the show that are to be seeded over the Pure GOLD website and social media channels.

They will also collaborate with the digital content producer on building the overall editorial strategy behind those videos.

The ideal candidate must be a video creator with notable production experience for online and social media portals. They should demonstrate writing and editing for social media content and are proactive in content development.

Warner Music Australia hiring for content PR/comms chief

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Warner Music Australia (WMA) is recruiting for a head of content PR and communications, to be based in Sydney.

The person will be in charge of the WMA Publicity/Promo and Artist Relations team. Their tasks will include, among others, overall management and accounting of integrated publicity/promo campaigns for WMA talents, corporate communications, and fostering relations between WMA talents, their management, and the relevant WMA executives. They will also foster strong relations with the media to ensure strong talent publicity.

The ideal candidate should have logged at least eight years’ upper management experience in the music entertainment industry, with a proven record in team management/mentoring, presentation, accounting and strategic planning. They must also be capable of relationship management and campaign execution over social media platforms.

The application packet must include a CV and cover letter with a required article about your most successful publicity/branding campaign for an artist or music-related product, with details on goals, important ideas, and general output.

The Australian recruiting for national education correspondent

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News Corp Australia broadsheet The Australian is recruiting for a national education correspondent, based in Surry Hills, Sydney.

The person will be the paper’s lead in covering Australia’s education sector, with the coverage including daily news and in-depth investigative pieces. The position will also be an opportunity to build and develop contacts within the academe and other education stakeholders.

The ideal candidate must be a journalist with several years’ experience reporting in the education sector, including pursuing possible breaking news materials. They should possess strong reporting and interview skills, capable content production within close deadlines, and a developed list of academic contacts. In-depth knowledge of the Australian private/public education system and related issues with government funding and policy are highly recommended.

ARN hiring for brand and promo director

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Applications close: 10/22/2021 08:10 PM

Radio conglomerate ARN is searching for a brand and promo director to be based in Sydney.

The person will be in charge of the ARN Sydney brand and promotions team, overseeing campaigns for local stations KIIS1065, WSFM, and THE EDGE. They will also maintain and develop relations with the stations’ content teams and industry stakeholders, while ensuring all activities comply with industry standards.

The ideal candidate should have at least five years’ promotions experience for a media company, either radio, TV, or digital media, including one year in management positions. The record must include proven skills in campaign development, execution, and accounting, conflict resolution, and mentoring.

The application packet should comprise a CV and cover letter.